Welcome to Fitness Paving! 
imageBefore beginning your path to physical fitness, a healthier lifestyle, increased self esteem, and many other wonderful things to come; you need to know a few things.

  • Who am I?

My name is Kyle. The beautiful man in the picture above. My prior sentence may be taken as arrogance or cocky, but I’m happy to say it’s pride. The pride I have in myself, for I have not always been thin and in shape.

Most of my life I was a fat kid that couldn’t even ride a bike at a 1.0 incline without getting swass and what seemed like an asthma attack. I stayed in playing video games and eating a small convenient store of junk food I kept in my room.

Not until my sophomore year of high school, weighing 230 lbs, did I finally start to make a change. Looking into my bathroom mirror and realizing that my armpits were eating my man boobs. Not only was I feeling a fire rage inside me but I was also ashamed of what I had done to myself.

My journey started in 2010. I began to change my diet, exercise, research, try and fail. And throughout the next few years I found the diets, and plans that work best for me. Weighing in at 148 lbs in late 2013. Then gaining 23 lbs of muscle by early 2015. Even passing them onto friends and family and seeing their success.

Come late 2015 when I reconnected with a high school friend I now call my beautiful wife, is when I began to lose what I worked so hard for. And before blame games start, I am not placing blame onto anyone but myself. I did not make the time to balance in my weight training or dieting.

I will fast forward through all the fast food, couch time, and physical neglect to New Years 2017. I had decided to turn my life around, and begin my enlistment process with the United States Air Force. Though all my placements and testing were superb, my weight was a HUGE problem.

My weight at the beginning of January 2017 was 221 lbs. Never did I think that I would be that sophomore again. And it simply showed how important commitment is. Six months later to this exact day; I weigh in at 167 lbs. I still have a few pounds to lose seeings that my uncommitted abuse caused muscle deterioration. So I am going to have to restart, and begin my journey all over again.


  • How to Begin

It’s up to you. The process in which you begin, starts with the change you want to see in yourself. Establishing goals, plans, diets, and finding a starting point that suits you. To do so you will need to try and fail. It’s very rare to find a plan that fits you perfectly the first go at it. You will need to tweak, adjust, and track those aspects that have shown you what works for you.


  • What’s Fitness Paving’s Purpose?

I strive to find the best meal plans, training plans, diets, supplements, and workouts for myself. Starting this blog/vlog/website, I will be sharing all that I find to provide the best information to my readers.

While Maintain a constant involvement with all of the readers and viewers to ensure that I can bring new information to everyone. To help guide you through any obstacles to ensure a successful new lifestyle.