Supersets: What They Are and Why We Should Do Them

No matter the work out, you’re spending time doing them. Whether it be 30 minute or 3 hours. Luckily, supersets help trim your time but you do eliminate a lot of your resting periods. 

There are many way you can incorporate a superset into your workouts. You can choose to work a separate muscle group then the one you’re currently working out. Ex. 10 reps of dumbbell flies, superset with 10 reps incline shoulder press. Notice there is no break between the sets. This makes your body work more intensely in a shorter time frame on multiple muscle groups.

You may also superset another exercise for the same muscle group to really increase your muscle performance in one group for a shorter time. Ex. 10 reps compound curls, superset with 10 reps bench press. This focuses your time on shredding one specific group rather than a total body workout. 

You’re body will also experience a higher level in growth hormones. After a weight training session, your growth hormones rise. And adding in supersets, increases  them even further. Why does this matter? Because growth hormones are used to build muscle mass and to help your recovery after your workouts. With a higher muscle mass, your body uses more energy, and pulls that energy directly from your fat. 

What you lose in down time, you gain in better results. 

Overall Take Away:

  • Cut your workout time by working multiple muscle groups back to back.
  • Intensify a workout by combining multiple muscle group workouts back to back.
  • Increase Growth Hormones 
  • Faster fat burning and muscle building