P90X: An at Home Workout That Works

Everyone has seen the all the fitness shows while browsing their TV guides. Though most of them are terrible; I’ve come to find that the most impressive of them all is none other than P90X. Created by Tony Horton, and the instructor in every video.

Apart from the cost of the videos and the few items of equipment, the benefits outway the cost. Not to mention the payment options if you can’t afford it up front. For those who don’t have the time for longer time consuming workouts, they have made a few more P90X plans to fit your needs. The links take you directly to the latest. 

I have personally used the first plan only. Which was possibly the most amazing workout plan I’ve ever encountered that was made for home use. I started at 230 lbs of basically all fat. I ended the cycle 7 months later at 150 with an 8 pack and a very tone muscle structure. 

The best part was being able to do them at your own pace, the nutritional facts involved, and the tips and tricks for better work outs. I can swear by the Ab Ripper X video because it gave me my 8 pack. 

I will add that I was also running 2 to 6 miles a day as well.

I can honestly say that finding P90X changed my lifestyle. And the way I structure my workouts. It doesn’t take much to stay physically fit, and it doesn’t take you that long. The way I see it, one year of transforming to a life time of health and fitness. 

So if you need a time crunch workout that is made for beginners up to experts, then P90X is a great place to start.