Chest Day: My Routine and Why I Love It


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As many other mammals, we as males typically try to impress and show superiority. A deer and its rack, ducks and their coloring, and humans with our pecs. We do these out of basic instinct to show we are bigger, better, and stronger. Some may say that we try more towards arm size for intimidation, and they are right. Yet we puff our chest in stressful and high anger situations.

We all have our reasons for wanting huge muscles. Whether it be for sexual appeal, sport, hobby, or for physical fitness and health. I will be telling you how I do my chest day, and why it is my favorite muscle group.

I have chosen Monday as my chest day, and I kick it off with an 8 Minute HIIT style warm up mixed with some boxing. Making sure you go as fast (While being safe) as you can. HIIT’s are High Intensity Interval Training meant to get your blood going as fast as possible in as little time as possible.


HIIT Style Warm Up

5 Sets (Totaling 3 Minutes and 20 Seconds)

  • 30 Seconds of Box Jumps (1.5 ft. tall)
  • 10 Second Rest

3 Sets (Totaling 2 Minutes)

  • 30 Seconds of Leaning Push-Ups (Body at a 55-65 degree angle)
  • 10 Second Rest

2 Sets (Totaling 1 Minute and 20 Seconds)

  • 30 Seconds with right foot forward; Begin with a right jab, left hook, and a right upper-cut. (Keep your arms in tight and be quick.)
  • 10 Second Rest

2 Sets (Totaling 1 Minute and 20 Seconds)

  • 30 Seconds with your left foot forward; Begin with a left jab, right hook, and a left upper-cut. (Remember to keep arms in and tight.)
  • 10 Second Rest

Now that you’re done with the warm up, we can now begin the workout. These next movements will be done slowly. These are for building, so your muscles will tear and have room for growth.

Chest Day Workout

1x3x5x10 Routine (Approximately 1 Hour)

This routine is the best I’ve ever encountered. One muscle group, three exercises specific to that group, five sets each exercise, for a total of ten reps per exercise in each set. It seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. You will spend around an hour total doing this workout. Now you choose the exercises of your choice, for now you can use mine as reference.

  1. Pectoral Flies (Dumbbells)
  2. Chest Press (Machine)
  3. High Cable Chest Flies (Machine)

We have our three exercises, now we can start our workout.

5 Sets at 10 Reps Each

  • x10 : Pectoral Flies using 30lb dumbbells
  • 20 Second Rest
  • x10 : Chest Presses at 100lbs
  • 20 Second Rest
  • x10 : High Cable Chest Flies 80lbs resistance
  • 60 Second Rest

After every chest day I switch up the exercises to hit different parts of the chest. I try to work in upper and lower pec exercises every week to ensure I hit all of the pec. And I never walk away from these workouts without feeling completely exhausted and shredded the next day.

I structure all of my days as this routine. Working in supersets, running, and other things to help hit areas that need work that normal wouldn’t get attention on more important muscle groups.

Chest workouts are the best for my stressful days, primarily why I do it on Mondays. I feel very good after chest workouts, more than any other muscle group. This is because I used to be very overweight, and since those dark times I have been adamant to never have man boobs again.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions below!


My Current Protein Supplement: Why I’m Using it

Hey everyone, so I am posting in regards to my current supplement usage. I have recently decided to start using whey protein to amplify my muscle building and strength gain. So I began using Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Isolate Plus.

Everyone looks for specific qualities in their protein. I was looking for very low carb (preferably zero), high protein, low fat, low calorie, and a good taste. If you’ve read my post on the Low Carb Diet or the Keto Diet, you know that I’m not a fan of carbohydrates. So finding a protein worthy of my conditions is kind of hard since the majority of proteins have sugar for taste. And taste is a very big factor for me, because I don’t want to force down my protein. 

Taste is one of the biggest factors in whether or not I will purchase or continue use with a protein powder. Finding a good tasting powder while looking for no sugar added is rough, and usually “unflavored”. But if you’ve had the no flavor powder, then you’d know it still tastes weird. Luckily, Whey Isolate Plus comes in two flavors; vanilla and decadent chocolate. I enjoy the chocolate much more, because it tastes similar to a Yoo-Hoo. 

It’s low-carb at only 2G per scoop. So it’s definitely a good choice for those like me trying to keep a low-carb diet in check while also trying to build. Pretty sure the carbs come primarily from the dietary fiber. 

The calorie content is a low 140 per scoop. Actually not too bad. I can usually burn that off during my daily run, so it’s fantastic that it only has a small amount. I typically try to take in 1000 a day with most of it coming from proteins and veggies. 

I have also seen a great recovery shrink in the time I’ve began using it. My muscles seem to repair faster and with more mass and definition. Though it is little by little, every inch is a mile. 

Let me know what you think of this protein if you’ve tried it. And let me know of any suggestions you guys might have!